Why Sugaring Should Be Made An Offence : A Perspective

“Sugar dating” or “sugaring” is a similar concept. The performance of exchanging love and companionship between males and females for financial backing is basically ‘prostitution’, disguising under a much elegant name. The founder of Sugarbook, Darren Chan who once said “if you’re not happy with the terms, you can always say no. Nobody is paying […]

The Swiss Cheese Model for Prevention of Sexual Assault and Unwanted Pregnancies

Recently there have been several hotly debated incidents in the news and on social media concerning sexual assault, in addition to the never-ending reports of unwanted pregnancies. These incidents remind us yet again of the consequences of ignoring the tenets of God’s laws upon human beings. We should not feign surprise at the consequences when […]


Womenhood is Beyond Gender Equality

I  dream of a day where celebrations of women’s day become entirely about women. Where world leaders stop talking about gender equality on women’s day as if being equal is the highest form of recognition we seek for in defining our roles as women. Women of Malaysia are finding stars, flying rockets, competing to be […]

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender - LGBT

Bahaya Testosteron Untuk Transmen : Pesanan dari bekas Transman

Artikel ini ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman saya. Testosterone. Testosterone  adalah sejenis hormon steroid daripada kumpulan androgen. Dalam tubuh mamalia dan manusia, hormon ini lazimnya dihasilkan oleh testis jantan/lelaki dan ovari betina/perempuan. Secara purata, lelaki dewasa menghasilkan antara 40 hingga 60 kali lebih banyak hormon ini berbanding perempuan. Ia merupakan steroid anabolik. Ia berfungsi sebagai hormon seks […]

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