Tighten regulations on underage marriage, instead of one-size-fits-all policy – MACSA

(*featured photo from PenangMonthly) UNDERAGE MARRIAGE ISSUE Underage marriages are strongly correlated with poverty and level of education. It happens in any society where there is an imbalance of wealth distribution, and children are the weakest fragment amongst the society and are normally the most victimised. We support measures to stop forced marriages that are […]

COMANGO attack of fellow human rights defenders smacks of diversion and desperation – MACSA

The Malaysian Alliance of Civil Society Organisations in the UPR Process (MACSA) is disappointed that the Coalition of Malaysian NGOs in the UPR Process (COMANGO) has chosen to frame its own UPR stakeholder report on Human Rights in Malaysia with unprovoked, malicious attacks on their fellow human rights defenders.   MACSA, like COMANGO, has in […]


No Room For A Secular Malaysia

Change is necessary. But changes which are abrupt and not thought through, may bring undesirable consequences; just as the inaccurate diagnosis of a disease will result in the wrong treatment.   More so if these changes are not made based on sound foundational knowledge.   The calls for a ‘secular Malaysia’ reverberate through the media, […]

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