Response to FRHAM : Consent For Sex Out Of Wedlock a False Premise

We would like to respond to the statement by the Federation of Reproductive Health Associations Malaysia published in Malaymail’s website. Let us speak plainly and clearly as the above mentioned consensus statement is heavily loaded with jargon and at times unclear and contradictory. Adolescents and school children must be taught right from wrong. We teach them […]

Sexual Desires Do Not Define A Person’s Identity

“LGBTQ persons do not need to change who they are” – this is the very curious assertion in the concluding paragraph of a statement made by the Pelangi Campaign dated 5 August, 2020. This statement encapsulates the epistemological difference in the worldviews of those who are ‘LGBTQ-affirming’ and those who reject this ideology in favor […]


Menyamar untuk Cinta?

‘Jika kita sudah hilang rasa cinta dan rasa hormat kepada sesama kita, pada saat itulah kita pada sebetulnya telahpun mati.’ – Maya Angelou. Betapakah besar nilai hormat sebetulnya? Sehinggakan begitu sukar masyarakat zaman ini untuk saling hormat sesama manusia. Ada yang menghina hormat dengan menyerang keperibadian seseorang lain secara terus, tapi dek kerana ramai yang […]

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