The Dangerous Truth About Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)

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We refer to the letter by Ikmal Rozlan to Malaysiakini dated January 31, 2019.

In the wake of more and more reports of sexual abuse, baby dumping, incest, underage sex, sexual harassment and sexually transmitted infections (STI), there are more frenetic calls to address this issue by way of ‘sex education’.

It seems that the intentions of the secular liberalists have now become clear. The uproar about sex education and how it is lacking in schools has never been for the purpose of prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. It is not that teenagers have no idea about their reproductive biology and haven’t the faintest clue that sexual intercourse can result in pregnancy. The goal behind all this is now seemingly about sexual freedom, or the sexual license to do as one pleases without restriction.

It is tragic when young people in the community parrot the tropes absorbed passively from sources known for their abhorrent behaviours and then promote these odious ideas to society without knowing where they came from.

What I am referring to is Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE), which has seemingly also been accepted by my colleagues in the medical profession. I suspect many are not aware of the origins of this ideology and hence just promote it even though its principles are a total anathema to our Eastern values.

Comprehensive Sexual Education is not about learning anatomy, reproductive biology, sexually transmitted infections and the consequences of sexual intercourse. No-one would have any issues with teaching these concepts in view of addressing unwanted pregnancies and STIs. CSE is a ‘rights-based approach’ to sexual education which started as a social movement.

Children are taught that they are sexual from birth, that the proper time for sexual activity is when they ‘feel ready’ and that they have the rights to pleasure, birth control and abortion. All these conclusions were made based on fraudulent data and studies that have now been discredited. Unfortunately the horse has already bolted and society has now changed beyond recognition from where we were just two or three generations ago. To understand where it all started, we need to examine the creators of CSE ideology, namely Alfred C. Kinsey, Mary Calderone, Wardell Pomeroy and John Money.

Many would have heard of Kinsey, the author of the ‘celebrated’ Kinsey Reports or more accurately Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female (1953). The experiments he performed would not stand even lenient scrutiny under today’s Good Clinical Practice guidelines or the Declaration of Helsinki of 1964. Much of his sordid work is now publicly available information but many details are still kept under lock and key in the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.

Yet the results of his ‘work’ have penetrated our lives today in 2019 without us even realising it. Apart from the lack of integrity of his experiments, he also proclaimed very odd precepts such as “sexuality is not an appetite to be curbed”, “the human animal is pansexual” and “traditional morality is destructive”. Considering the state of society today, these principles may not be strange to some.

After Kinsey’s death in 1956, the CSE torch was carried by Mary Calderone who founded the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) which aggressively promoted CSE guidelines to UNESCO which in turn promoted it all over the world. SIECUS was created with seed money from Hugh Hefner, the infamous master of the Playboy mansion.

Wardell Pomeroy, co-author of the Kinsey Reports was a president of SIECUS and is noted to have said that “It is time to admit that incest need not be a perversion or a symptom of mental illness”. John Money introduced the concepts that maleness and femaleness are feelings which are separate from anatomy and chromosomes.

He was convinced that we are born without gender, and we are conditioned by society to identify as either male or female. Are we surprised by this, written in 1955, when we look at the insanity of the ‘transgender movement’ today which advocates giving puberty blockers and recommends gender reassignment surgery in children?

The point is that these were very troubled individuals who displayed a range of abnormal behaviours and they wanted to prove to the world that their lifestyle was normal, and it was the fault of society – religious tenets, moral codes and restrictions- that they did not feel accepted. With the advent of antibiotics that cured syphilis and gonorrhoea, and the oral contraceptive pill which freed women from the dangers of unwanted pregnancies in the 60s, it was a perfect storm for the ‘sexual revolution’ to happen.

The perils of AIDS in the 80s seemed to stall the onslaught temporarily but now with good anti-retroviral therapy, complacency has set in again, opening the doors to old diseases like syphilis which has reared its ugly head of late.

Unfortunately CSE ideology has now been accepted wholesale by much of this society’s monoculture, including by the medical fraternity. Preaching abstinence, or in political parlance ‘sexual risk avoidance’ (SRA) is considered foolish and futile. This is a pathetic and defeatist attitude. Just because Western societies have failed at it, it does not behoove our own society to jump off the cliff like lemmings in a poor imitation of what they have done. Those who have knowledge of God’s religion know that abstinence is not simply a matter of prohibiting sex.

There are plenty of intelligent and educated boys and girls who are unsuccessful at practicing abstinence, not because they do not understand reproductive biology, but because they do not understand how to discipline desires. This includes avoidance of vulgarity entering through the eyes and ears, gender segregation (including at school) and the resistance to normalisation of sexual mores brought by CSE influenced sources. We cannot discount the overwhelming hypersexualizing role of the media in particular ubiquitous pornography.

If we are serious about ending teen pregnancies and baby dumping and STIs, we need serious solutions. Not simply handing out condoms at Klinik Nur Sejahtera for anyone who wants them. That ‘solution’ is more akin to the proverbial little Dutch boy plugging a hole in a dyke with his finger.

Dr Qalamu Nusaybah
Education Exco
International Women’s Alliance for Family and Quality Education

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