Shawal Ali : Stop The Madness on Gender Dysphoria


It has taken various scholars over the centuries to perform research and experiments on genetics and hereditary and then to invent the electron microscopes to actually visualize the chromosomes to establish the fundamental key to our genders.

With such knowledge, we as a human race can safely state that a gender of an unborn baby is determined solely by the sperm of its father carrying either and ‘x’ or ‘y’ chromosomes thus liberating the women from prejudice that they are unable to borne a son.

Now that is progressive.

Unfortunately, even shockingly so today with the ability to access such knowledges with our fingertips from the comfort of our own homes. People are choosing to be ignorant and trying to find some truth elsewhere.

There is only 2 genders in the world of mankind. And do not let anyone , dissuade you otherwise. They are only promoting towards the destruction of us all.

Those who controls the media , and politicians trying to get numbers and ratings from all corners, and to be viewed as ‘progressive’ are doing the most damage.

Now people in the west are having issues with women’s sporting events because transgender women are winning everything in their category.

And those Women there (unsurprisingly again ) have to fight for their rights. Which is frankly, regressive.

One example of the transgender movement’s mascott is Bruce Jenner.

He was literary an olympic all star and won things alongside black athletes.

He and his wives gave birth to many children.

And finally at the age where most people start forgetting things and develop various physical or medical illnesses related to age, he identifies himself as a woman.

And nobody thought about treating him as a psychiatric illness.

It’s crazy what some of us are enabling other to do to their body. Stop the madness to safeguard the future of our children, and their children’s children.

Written by our guest author, Mr. Shawal Ali.

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