Continuous Promotion of Adultery & Prostitution During Covid-19

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This is not the first time the Malay Mail tries to glorify prostitution and adultery. They have done it before early this year and I can tell that they are proud with such publication as there has been no clarification or apologies made by the journalist.

First time :

Although they have taken down the said article, there is still no remorse shown. I visited its founder’s Twitter page before and he asserted that Sugarbook is a legal and authorised social app which has not violated any of the Malaysian laws.

However, I want to make it clear that Sugarbook is an online dating application which allows the purchase of intimate attention by privileged men or women. Here, they seek for any of the potential ‘sugarbabies’ who can please them in whatever forms of love and affection, anytime anywhere.


This is how they work. One signs up an account on the Sugarbook app, creates the most desirable profile and then waits for his/her client to ‘catch the bait’. Eventually when both of them find ‘mutual understanding’ and agree with the selected terms & conditions – they’re basically hooked up.

Like any other online dating app, Sugarbook does not deserve a place in this respectful country of Malaysia. Even in a tiny column of an online newspaper.

Please don’t get me wrong. To publicise a good deed like donating allowance to any of the needy bodies is a great act of kindness. But to manipulate such news by promoting adultery to the public especially during this Covid 19 pandemic is just pathetic and disgusting.

Through WAFIQ, I have warned our authorities and lawmakers to criminalise the act or any promotion of ‘sugaring’ since there has been no provision in the Penal Code addressing such term. I hope the current government can hear our voice (yes Dato’ Takiyuddin Hassan, I’m counting on you) and start taking proper action or amend laws to make sure that this blatant faahisya ends.

وَلاَ تَقْرَبُواْ الزِّنَى إِنَّهُ كَانَ فَاحِشَةً وَسَاء سَبِيلاً
“And do not go near zina (adultery), for it is a shameful deed and an evil, opening the road (to other evils)” Al Israa, 32

Click below link to read more about the possible dangers of online sugar dating.

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Nur Farihah Meor Mazli
Youth & Media Exco
International Women’s Alliance for Family Institution & Quality Education (WAFIQ)

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