Sexual Desires Do Not Define A Person’s Identity

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“LGBTQ persons do not need to change who they are” – this is the very curious assertion in the concluding paragraph of a statement made by the Pelangi Campaign dated 5 August, 2020. This statement encapsulates the epistemological difference in the worldviews of those who are ‘LGBTQ-affirming’ and those who reject this ideology in favor of the Qur’an and Sunnah. The former define themselves, their very existence, by their sexual desires and the malleable notions of ‘gender identity’. The latter however, define themselves in relation to God.

We know that people who engaged in same sex acts have existed for a long, long time as they have been already addressed by Islam’s rich scholarly tradition. When discussing this issue, the books of Islamic jurisprudence have always addressed liwaat (sodomy) and sihaaq (sexual act between two women), both of which are *acts* rather than *identities*. The conflating of a person’s identity with their sexual desires like what we see today is a very recent invention, which on deeper reflection, is undignified. Why define your identity based on carnal nature rather than the intellect? In a God-centric identity, any internally experienced desires are not blameworthy, and totally distinct from the actual act itself. In fact, it is a meritorious characteristic to resist unsanctioned desires, whatever they may be, same sex or even opposite sex.

Muslims who have LGBTQ tendencies can take comfort in that their identities are not defined by their sexual desires. They are worshipers of God, and the very act of trying to obey God is one that will elevate their rank, perhaps even more than those who do not experience such feelings. They may or may not fall off the wagon but should always endeavor to get up again, as sincere repentance is promised forgiveness by God. JAKIM and other religious communities will offer support and help in their struggle. They have no need to adopt the worldview of the ‘LGBTQ affirming’ crowd if they do not want to. They do not need the arrogant Luciferian trait of ‘celebrating pride’. They do not have to adopt the identities of gays and lesbians on how to live, how to think about various social and cultural causes, where to hang out and socialize, where their politics should be and how they should think of other aspects of life, in particular religion. They can seek solace and peace in the Adamic traits of submission and repentance to God, the comfort of tawbah. In short, they do not need to belong to ‘LGBTQ affirming crowd’, because they already have a home.

Malaysia is a sovereign nation with a Federal Constitution, official religion and culture which are completely in line with the Mukhayyam program for LGBTQs. There is a clear demand for programs such as this, the feedback is good, the participants enjoy themselves and find the time they spend there useful.

We are well aware now of the strategies utilized by LGBT propagandists which were highlighted very clearly by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen back in 1989 in their book After The Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred if Gays in the 90s. The most important aspect of their 6-point plan to normalize homosexuality was to ‘portray gays as victims, not as aggressive challengers’. This tactic has worked overwhelmingly well in the West where in 2 decades, a conservative Christian country such as the United States has now accepted all strands of sexual perversions brought forth by LGBT. The propagandists now continue to use this tactic from their playbook in Muslim countries, the last remaining strongholds of family-centered life.

It is clear that these assaults on religion and the traditional family structure will not cease until everyone is parroting the mantra of fulfillment of all sexual desires, at all costs, no matter how perverse. As a Muslim country, we will continue to resist these assaults from gaining a foothold at our doorstep. LGBT-affirming ideology destroys stable family life.The family unit, as the building blocks of a functioning and stable civilization, must be protected and preserved.

Dr Qalamu Nusaybah
International Women’s Alliance for Family and Quality Education

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