Blackrock, Pride, and the Emergence of Gender Ideology: Navigating the Contours of the new Postmodern Cult


The advent of the 21st century has necessitated the assessment of preconceived societal norms and conventions, reflected around conversations surrounding companies such as Blackrock, and Pride Month.

It has encouraged a shift in perspectives – heralding the rise of gender ideology as a new ‘cult’. This essay will dissect these components, examining their significance in the current cultural zeitgeist.

Blackrock is a global investment management corporation. It has not just emerged as a financial juggernaut, but also made strides in prioritizing social responsibility. Tackling environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG)—Blackrock clearly subscribes to a much broader understanding of its business role.

Recently, it has shown a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, reflecting the larger narrative of gender ideology that is becoming prevalent in society. The recognition by such a colossal corporation speaks volumes about the momentum of the ideology, cementing its place within the normative framework of society.


BlackRock is a leading provider of investment, advisory, and risk management solutions, managing $10 trillion in assets as of December 2021. As the largest money manager globally, it offers tax-saving insights using BlackRock and iShares products for federal and state income tax returns. The company’s corporate website is and it has a subsidiary called BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation. BlackRock serves various clients, including official government institutions, pension plans, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, family offices, healthcare systems, and individual investors. They manage assets worldwide and are a trusted partner for many of the world’s largest institutional investors.

On the other side, there are various organisations, including Gender Dysphoric Alliance and LGB Alliance that claim BlackRock is a nefarious corporate company pushing dangerous ideologies onto the public, aimed at vulnerable people including children, and the mentally unsound. BlackRock uses economic coercion tactics to force companies adopt their ESG practices, or risk losing billions in share value as BlackRock drums up negative press against those companies, causing their share values to tank.

Here are some additional details about BlackRock’s involvement in the debate over transgender rights:

  • In 2020, BlackRock announced that it would no longer invest in companies that discriminate against transgender people.
  • In 2021, BlackRock was criticized by some for donating to organizations that support transgender rights.
  • In 2022, BlackRock announced that it would be working with the Human Rights Campaign to promote transgender rights.

It is clear that BlackRock, one of the most powerful corporate bodies in the world, is taking a stance on the issue of transgender rights. However, it is also clear that the company is trying to balance its commitment to these rights with its need to make profits. It remains to be seen how BlackRock’s involvement in this debate will play out in the long run.

Blackrock seems to be the power that controls the narratives and workings of the world. They control many and almost entire aspects of the modern world. Every mega-corporation you can think of, BlackRock probably has substantial shares in them. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Netflix, Walt Disney, Universal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Loreal, Spotify all bring massive profits to BlackRock year-by-year.

Blackrock are the real king maker; they control the politics and flows of the world’s issues and economics. They control everything by demanding their clients and corporates under their control to have this Environmental, Social and Governance index and recently the DEI; Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity index. You can see how they can push entities to play by their rules and goals. If the companies don’t meet their index or criteria. Then they will be branded as a problematic and failing as a company.

Concurrently, Pride Month—traditionally a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community—has become an essential component of our cultural fabric. Pride events provide a platform for people to publicly express their identities, promoting the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity. Herein lies a parallel with the acceptance of diverse gender ideologies. Pride, in its essence, is a manifestation of the affirmation and acceptance that is at the heart of the gender ideology movement.

Self ID (which is the thing the western liberal left are pushing even to children, and violent sex offenders) is a problem. These groups of people that self-proclaimed to be trans are also fighting so that the medical aspect of transitioning sex to be removed, making it easier for anyone of any age to say they are trans, get HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) and even surgery if they so wish. These people believe medical gatekeeping of transgender is “oppression”. Herewith we will see how this will also effect women, women’s safety, and women’s rights.

Let’s be clear, this Queerness, Gender Ideologies are the new “god” of the west. They have their own rituals, flags, festivals, symbols they adhere and abide to, the new god of gender, and even a religious-like greeting akin to salam with their “what’s your pronoun” before greeting anyone.

It is imperative to understand that these people play around and rely on semantics, the power of words and languages. Introducing: Postmodernism.

Postmodernism is the continental philosophy of the west. Even the western conservative, LGB that rejects these movement refuse to say “trans women” or any of the things the modern LGBT are demanding. They don’t say trans women, they don’t bother with the pronoun because it leads to normalization; it will become normalized, the seed of normalization is nefarious.

Many people are infected with gender ideology not just because they are willfully ignorant, but also there’s high possibility that they are also mentally ill, mentally different and being led on by these nefarious movements to take advantage of their vulnerability and all of it — driven as it is by a radical rejection of objective truth — is a threat to everything we refer to when we speak of civilization.

But it’s being pushed relentlessly by groups like Human Rights Campaign (a gay-rights organization turned avid promoter of transgenderism) and, as presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy has noted, by giant investment bankers like BlackRock and Vanguard Group that, for whatever reason, are devoutly committed to the woke agenda.

We reject claiming trans women as women mantra because it is nonsensical. Trans women are biological male, men, regardless of whether they have gender dysphoria or not, it doesn’t matter. They are not women, they will never be women, and will never achieve the essence or the functionality of a woman. Women are those that are capable of gestating, producing ovum, are of the XX chromosomes majority o the time (unless they are experiencing birth mutation which is no fault of their own).

When these queer activist, and big corporations demands the world to comply to their demand of saying trans women are women, it erases women itself. It doesn’t just stop there, they are also demanding that languages that are gendered, especially the one that are specifically female centric languages are erased or reduced to their biological and bodily function. Women are reduced to their body parts and reproductive functions, but trans women can call themselves women. What a wayward world we live in.

Now these men in dress demands to be in women spaces, in women’s rest rooms, in women’s private places where they would be vulnerable, just because they “feel” like a woman. What nonsense.

In conclusion, it is obvious we are facing a nefarious entity, a new postmodern god of gender and a new radical cult that are hellbent on changing reality to fit their own subjective non-truth.

This article is written by our guest writer, Mr. Ahmad Farouk bin Haqq.

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