Rizal Jaapar | Self Destruction : Defending the Indefensible


A man.

No, let’s be brutally honest about this.

A Muslim man, whom many years ago decided to marry a woman, raised a few kids in between was caught red handed having a sex party with other men.

And if this not sick enough for you, a group of liberals , presumably pro LGBTQ++ (and let’s be brutally honest again), with many Muslim members decided to support this group of guilty as charged gays with wives and kids because “they were been victimized and discriminated against”?

And if that is still not sick enough for you, the man told the judge, he married his wife to please society who could not accept a happily married gay men?

And if that is not brutal enough for you, these men were caught having an orgy (not the first time) which will be re-defined as “a group of discriminated gay people simply trying to be themselves without being judged or condemned by society”?

And finally, if that is not mentally retarded enough for you, we (the highly educated, civilized and god-fearing group of people) are okay with this and even sympathized with those orgy-going-married-with-children-men; and dare not say anything about the real victims ie the wives, the children, parents or ourselves and our future…or again lets be honest about one thing…concern about the wrath of god (choose any god and in our case Allah SWT) and the complete annihilation of mankind, for fear of being labelled homophobic?

We are doomed my friend… the kingdom of trees, animals, fairies, angels and maybe even the demons who masterminded the whole thing are really laughing at us now… for our tendency to self-destruct and for being bloody stupid.

Written by our guest author, En Rizal Jaapar.

Disclaimer : Picture above has no link whatsoever with the content of this article.

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